“The tenor René Barbera sounded clarion and youthful in the soaring “Ingemisco” section, a de facto opera aria.” – The New York Times

“The American tenor René Barbera sounded forthright and Italianate.” – Opera Magazine

“René Barbera, best known for his bel canto roles, used his tightly focused tenor with ringing delicacy and lavished nuance and careful shading on his moving “Ingemisco”—moving it far beyond the usual blithe tenor star-turn.” – Parterre

“All of the performers epitomize the concept of singing from the toes up, including the four outstanding soloists. Tenor René Barbera possesses both strength and sweetness in his voice. His “Ingemisco” gave me goosebumps.” – The Front Row Center

“Tenor René Barbera sang possibly the best rendition of the tenor solo part I have heard live — his lyrical voice is virile, rich yet sweet with stunning high notes and dynamic control. He is no longer just a Rossini tenor but ready to take on a wider repertoire.” – Gay City News

The New York Times