Surviving the Madness!

It has been some time since I’ve posted and I wanted to take the time to celebrate the survival of one of the craziest weeks of my professional career!


Here’s what happened:


April 19:

        8:30pm – Opening of La Cenerentola

        11:30pm – Opening performance ended

        12:00pm – Arrived at home

April 20:

        2:30am – Finally able to fall asleep (roughly)

        5:00am – Woke up to finish packing and head to the airport

        5:30am – Hop in a taxi to the airport

        6:00am – Arrive at the airport and realized I arrived 30 minutes earlier than I needed to

        8:30am – Flight departs and shortly thereafter It comes obvious I wont sleep

        8:36am – The first of MANY times that I am awoken by a loud shouting lady in the row in front of me.

        9:00am – Consider the consequences of shouting very loudly at this lady to keep it down.

        9:05am – Decide it isn’t worth it… Accept your fate.

        10:00am – Arrive in Bologna.

        10:15am – Hop in a taxi and head straight to the theater, Anna and luggage come with me.

        10:30am – Arrive at the theater, stash luggage in the dressing room, seek and destroy coffee.

        11:00am – Staging rehearsal

        2:00pm – LUNCH BREAK

        2:10pm – Check in to our apartment, drop off bags, seek lunch.

        2:35pm – Grab lunch across from the stage door (The gnocchi was great and really hit the spot)

        3:30pm – Musical rehearsal (no way I could actually sing at this point… so just marked)

        3:50pm – listen to my incredible colleague work on his aria.

        4:00pm – Room begins to spin… thankfully this is short lived as I fall asleep in my chair.

        6:30pm – Rehearsal over

        6:50pm – Find a place to have photos taken for my “permesso di soggiorno” (permission of stay in Bologna)

        7:00pm – Buy a Marca da Bollo… a 16 Euro stamp.  (still don’t know why other than the permesso)

        7:15pm – Fall over in bed… the rest of the evening is a blur.  Did I have dinner?

April 21:

        8:00am – Wake up for breakfast and a quick shower.

        9:15am – Realize I have 2 conflicting schedules… one says Costume fitting at 9:30 the other at 10:30

        9:16am – Email sent hoping for clarification

        9:20am – reply received … fitting at 10:30 (There went that precious extra hour of sleep….)

        9:25am – walk around the city a little bit

        9:50am – COFFEE AND PASTRY (having been in Palermo for over a month… pastry wasn’t so great)

        10:30am – Costume fitting … Result of Palermo pastries clearly visible.  I hang my head in shame.

        11:00am – Musical rehearsal (room did not spin… much rejoicing.)

        2:00pm – Rehearsal over head home for lunch.

        3:00pm – wake up from post lunch cat nap and grab empty luggage to bring back what we left in Palermo.

        3:30pm – Staging rehearsal.  What Opera is this?? Oh… right Barber.. ok I’m on board!

        5:30pm – Rehearsal over.  Meet Anna outside for a farewell hug and kiss. Call Taxi

        6:00pm – Arrive at airport (this time exactly when I’d planned to arrive).

        6:30pm – Through security and the usual nonsense.  Arrive at gate.

        7:00pm – Notice my flight is delayed 45 minutes.  Sigh….  OOOOOH! Gelato.  I’m a lonely man, Gelato!

        8:45pm – Flight departs.

        10:00pm – land in Palermo.

        10:30pm – Arrive in apartment.  Eat banana.  Pass out.       

April 22:

        10:00am – Wake up… eat breakfast.

        11:30am – NAP TIME!!!!!  Don’t judge me… I was sleepy

        2:00pm – Delicious lunch at Libreria Dante (or Bistro Bissot depending on who you ask.)

        2:30pm – Broccoli Meatballs remind me why I love this place.

        3:30pm – Go home and get dressed.

        4:30pm – Pre-show Pastry

        6:30pm – 2nd show begins! 😃

        9:30pm – 2nd show ends!!!!

        10:00pm – Dinner meeting.

April 23:

        2:00am – Dinner meeting over after 2 bottles of wine and much pizza!

        7:45am – Wake up to meet friends who are leaving town for the weekend.

        8:15am – Have a lovely little breakfast and chat with said friends.

        10:00am – Get home and start playing on

        1:00pm – Leave home for lunch and some errands.

        3:00pm – SLEEP … the rest of the day is uneventful

April 24:

        5:30pm – FINAL SHOW BEGINS

        8:30pm – FINAL SHOW ENDS

        9:00pm – Lectured by a show attendee that I should be wearing a suit so I can look the part of the prince for his young child.  I smile… apologize…. But secretly… I wore the T-shirt and jeans hoping to avoid being noticed.  I thought I had succeeded having already gone through the stage door area but he saw me and flagged me down. Congratulated me and complimented my performance.  Shortly after he decides he’s dissatisfied with my appearance and berates me for it.  2 other people who joined in congratulating came to my rescue and defended my decision to dress down. 

        9:30pm – Arrive at home, eat dinner, clean the kitchen, take out the trash, finish packing, take a shower, call my wife…

        11:00pm – SLEEP.

April 25:

        5:30am – having learned my lesson I wake up 30 minutes later than Tuesday.  Got ready.

        6:00am – In a taxi to the airport

        8:30am – Flight takes off (NO CRAZY SCREAMING LADY!!!!) Slept with a smile.

        10:00am – Arrive in Bologna.

        10:30am – Arrive at my apartment to be greeted by my lovely wife, whom I missed a lot!

        11:00am – Stroll around the city.

        1:00pm – Sleep for 3 hours.


You have now lived the craziest week of my professional life! 


If you managed to reach this point of the post…. I’m surprised.  I almost quite half way through this insanity! You’re too kind to entertain an exhausted mind.  All of that to ultimately say – I’m going to miss Palermo and my time there.  It was a bit crazy at times because this was a production unlike any other of which I’ve been a part!  It was made GREAT by my wonderful friends and colleagues… many of whom I’ve worked with before and many which I am SO happy to have met!!


The city of Palermo is a charming place with a lot going on… from 24 hour long parades with a marching band ending at 2am… to all of the incredibly kind and interesting people you encounter.  I will warn you, however, if you have any hopes of losing weight… avoid Palermo at all cost.  The food, the pastries, the GELATO, it’s all too good and soooo bad for you!


😃 Back to business tomorrow!