I left my heart in Annecy, France


Anna and I had the most wonderful time in Annecy, France!  Our first two days in town were prior to rehearsals for the concert beginning so we took advantage and rented a boat to spend some quality time on the lake. We also attempted to take a bike path around the lake… which quickly disappeared onto regular streets and pretty steep hills!  After a valiant effort on three or four of those hills we finally decided to turn around and go the other direction for a little while.  Despite that little bump, or huge hill, along the way we managed to have a great time riding around a little bit. 


The views are magnificent and those first 2 days were some of the most relaxing days we have had in quite some time!


Our first rehearsals were wonderful and the concert went splendidly!  Couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out and I am so grateful for the opportunity to perform there!


The concert was live broadcast on Medici.tv and is still available to watch for those who are interested.


Sadly, on the 31st of August, Anna and I hopped on our flight home leaving the paradise of Annecy in our rearview mirror, so to speak.  Now we are home and enjoying some quality time with our family,friends, motorcycle, dogs, couch, and the comfort of our own bed! 


In 2 weeks I will be in San Diego to make my final preparations for the recital on the 19th!  Lots to do between now and then! 


More soon friends!